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The Massage Residence is a unique service provision completely available to You! We offer a range of Massage treatments which fall into four favourable areas to suit your needs (Foot Massage, Luxury, Remedial & Specialist). What's more! the ambience of The Massage Residence is provided in your space at your convenience; so book your experience with us now and relish the rewards of relaxed bliss

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Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a therapy which not only treats the physical body, but can also help rebalance the body as a whole. It is a relaxing treatment which employs gentle yet penetrating pressure massage strokes which, encourages a deeper state of relaxation while lifting the mind on an emotional level.

Holistic Massage is a hands-on therapy which has played a major role in many cultures for thousands of years. Holistic massage is now an officially recognised complementary therapy in the West. Holistic Massage relaxes tight muscles and can relieve physical and emotional stress. It can be beneficial for assisting with anxiety and exhaustion by helping to improve sleep and concentration, improving circulation and encouraging relaxed breathing and better digestion.


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